I am no warrior mom…

… and no blogger or techie or master-chef either.  But I am here because I had an epiphany, in the true sense of “sudden, intuitive insight initiated by a commonplace occurrence.”

While attending my daughter’s friend’s “cooking class” birthday party in a supermarket, during an everyday conversation with a fellow mother (who also happens to be a way cool entrepreneur), a flash of insight hit me.

For months and months– maybe even years now– I have dreamed of creating a website.. a company.. an organization.. an awesomely amazing, life-inspiring, world-changing.. um.. GRAND ENTITY if you will.  Something that would take all I’ve learned as a mother of an autistic child (the resources, life lessons, pathways, highways, mountain climbs, joys and challenges), connect it with the key elements to a happy existence (self-awareness, faith, love, hope), wrap it up in some perfect balance of accessibility, practicality and inspiration..  and somehow help EVERY other parent in the world whose life has been touched by autism…

I am passionate, thoughtful, creative, well-intentioned.  But like so many people with a BIG dream, I have been stuck at the beginning.  Until my friend said, “You know, that little story you just told right there about your son?  That in itself could be a blog.”  Whammo!  The revelation: 

I don’t have to stay nice and clean at the starting point until I figure it all out because there IS no starting point.  Autism– like life—is a complicated puzzle.  There is no right way to solve it.  I am no warrior mom.  I don’t have the answers.  Half the time I feel overwhelmed and perplexed.  The other half I fly by the seat of my pants with the help of what I can only surmise are some mighty skillful guardian angels.  It’s often less-than-pretty, but by the grace of God, I find what works.  Heck, it’s my life, and I trust there’s a reason it’s mine.       

So with that, I have decided to get a little crumb-covered and sticky like the five year olds in cooking class..  and just simply begin.  I don’t have a recipe and the ingredient list is all over the place, but perhaps things will come together anyway and we’ll all share something good.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherry
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 22:57:42

    Love your first post. can’t wait to see what you write!


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