Required reading…

required reading

… for anyone who wants to explain autism to kids.

While brainstorming social skills resources with a co-worker today, I came across this brilliant blog post again.  Whatever the award is for authoring the most creative, empowering, right-on-target-get-the-job-done lesson for kids on how to understand autism, this amazing writer should get it.

The blog is “MOM – Not Otherwise Specified.” (see the nifty blog roll down to your right)  The post is “A Hair-Dryer Kid in a Toaster-Brained World.”  Please read it, take it in and share it.  If you know and love a kid– any kid, on the spectrum or typical, a relative or neighbor, or even the kid in you–  I promise you will smile after reading this.  Positively impacting the lives of children is a beautiful thing!

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