the gym. introductory post.

For those readers of mine who have an evil streak, you may have noticed it has gotten a bit colder where you are.  That’s because hell froze over last night– I joined a gym.  Yes, you read that right.  A real gym.  I’m sure pigs are also flying in some part of the world. 

Why is the idea of my joining a gym so unbelievable?  Because I’m an outdoor runner.  Wind in my hair, new things to look at, lots of distractions to keep me from getting bored.  My favorite workouts are times when I’m “Broadway Musical Running.”  Works like this:  I listen to something like “Hand Jive” from Grease or “Jump, Jive & Wail” and run, turn cartwheels, shake my booty, do fancy jumps on and off park benches.  Yes, you’re reading that right– I generally make a fool out of myself in the name of fitness (and in the name of de-stressing and keeping my sanity).  But hey, who cares?  I’ve got my Ipod on and …what?  whaddyou say?  I can’t hear you laugh anyway.  So there.  Hehe.

But last night I came to the realization that I simply have not been putting in the effort needed to make my physical health a priority.  I knew I had to do something drastic if I’m ever to get back to a happy homeostasis.  I’m not skinny, nor do I want to be.  But I used to be able to do this:


and this:


and this:

fire butterfly

And that was all fairly recently– like only two years ago!

Lately my workout routine has consisted of weight lifting 27 bags, trying to catch my breath when the walls come crashing down, or crying hysterically at the drop of a hat.  (Which I guess could be some sort of intense interval training… I don’t know… Anyhow, I digress…)

The point of all this is that I took a leap of faith and joined a gym.  It was okay.  The people were cool.  The place has a pool.  It’s close to my house.  And I didn’t die of shame when the trainer calculated my BMI, smiled and said:


“Wow, what?”

“Well, you don’t look it– I honestly didn’t think it was gonna be that bad.”


(Disclaimer:  He really was a very nice guy, we had a great conversation & tour, and I did sign the papers with very little “selling” involved anyway.)

So this morning at 6:00 am, while it was still dark outside, I was indoors running and secretly peering around the blank TV screen attached to the treadmill, slyly spying on the other gym members to see if they were real people like me.  Turns out, it was okay.  Maybe I’ll actually enjoy this “crazy new kind of workout”  (insert facetious eye roll here) and you just may be hearing more about this “gym” thing in future posts.

… I wonder how those gym folks would respond to “Broadway Stairmaster” …


Today’s Gratitude List


Today I am grateful for:

  • Quick answers & one-word posts.  Okay WordPress Post-a-Week question team, here you go:  My favorite word?  “Beautiful” because to me it encompasses faith, appreciation, inspiration & that awed feeling I get when something brings me joy or gives me a glimpse of a miracle-in-a-moment.  Have I ever lied about my age?  Nearly every day.  Well, I actually don’t *lie* about it, people just never know what to guess & I don’t correct them.  Why?  Because it’s fun.  (And when you get to be as old as I am… *cough* …)  Would I rather be super-intelligent or extremely good looking?  Yes.  And hey, wait.  Are there bloggers on WordPress who aren’t already both?  What would I tell myself 10 years agoRun! 
  • The omelet lady (Mama Sandee) at Whole Foods who graced me with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a ham, mushroom & cheese omelet just when I most needed a smiling face and a protein-laden breakfast.
  • Friends who make it easy to dance.  Those folks in the world who move through life to the rhythm of the universe and enjoy every beat and every step.  I am grateful to be able to twirl & turn & dip & sway with them, especially because I *know* they get me and I get them!

What are you grateful for today?  Write it down & share it!