Just realized my last post was one week ago.  Gotta rise to this post-a-week challenge, right?  I’m actually working on some new pieces about our family life and about gluten-free cooking, both of which I’m psyched to share.  But neither of which is going up today.

So… um… 

My life has kinda been turned upside down the last few weeks due to snow.  School closings, delays, blah-de-blah.  My sanity is wavering.  But the good news is Hannie and I have a new soopah-secret fancy-schmancy project we’re working on for you all.  (Stay tuned for details in future posts!)

In the meantime… um… I’ve got nothing else to say.

*** insert blank stare here ***

(what I really need is a Big Daddy-type cartoon in this space I think)

Quick!  Think of a distraction!  Here are two of my favorites photos from the picture archives:

alex hannie

Spontaneous kisses & ridiculous kindergarten butterfly costumes.  A small tribute today to the tolerance & patience of both my lovely kiddos. 

alex n mom